Hindi Diwas is celebrated annually in India on September 14 of every year. Hindi Diwas or Hindi Divas is created to promote and develop the Hindi language in the Indian Country. Hindi Diwas is celebrated by organizing feasts, events, competitions, and other services on that day. Hindi Divas will also serve as a patriotic reminder to Indian peoples of their common roots and unity. The Hindi language is considered to be the mother language of India, and it is the most widely spoken language in India. The original day of adopting Hindi as the official language is observed as Hindi Diwas or Hindi Divas.

Hindi has always been such a language that it never boycotted any word just because of its foreign origin.” – Dr Rajendra Prasad

History of Hindi Diwas or Hindi Divas

Hindi Divas was celebrated on September 14, 1953. During a Hindi Literary Festival in 1918, Mahatma Gandhi declared Hindi as the National Language of India. On September 14, 1949, the Constituent Assembly unanimously decided that Hindi would be India’s Mother language. Chapter 17, Section 343 (1) of the Indian Constitution declares that the official language of the Federation would be Hindi. After this statement from the Indian Constitution, Hindi Diwas was officially celebrated from the year of 1953. September 14 was chosen as the decision of Hindi as Mother Language was made on September 14. The survey states that nearly 800 million people across the world are using Hindi as their primary language, and nearly 150 universities around the world offer courses in the Hindi language.

Hindi Diwas or Hindi Divas

Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year to emphasize the importance of Hindi and to promote the Hindi Language. Hindi Diwas is a perfect day to remind the students about their roots. No matter where we reach and what we do, if we remain grounded and in sync with our roots, we stay unshakable. Every year, Hindi Divas remind us of our true identity and unite the people of our country.


Haath mein hai tumhare desh ki shaan. Hindi apnakar tum bano mahan, Hindi Diwas ki shubhkamnayein.

Hindi se Hindustan hain, tabhi toh yeh desh mahan hain, Nij bhasha ki unnati ke liye, apna sab kuch qurban hai.

Hindi ko aage badhana hain, unnati ki raah le jaana hai. Keval ek din hi nahi humne humesha Hindi Diwas manana hain.

Hindi mera imaan hain, Hindi meri pehchaan hain, Hindi hun main, vatan bhi mera pyara Hindustan hain.

Hindi bolne mein sharam nahi, garv hona chahiye.

Other Celebrations on September 14

September 14 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate Hindi Diwas Day

The Hindi Divas will be celebrated mainly in schools, colleges, and Government offices. In schools and colleges, Hindi debate, poem, or storytelling competitions will be conducted. Cultural programs will also be held, and the teachers will give the speech to emphasize the importance of the Hindi language. It is also observed at the national level where the president of the country will honor the people who have gained excellence in any field of the Hindi language. Share your thoughts and post pictures on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and much more by using the hashtag #HindiDiwas or #HindiDivas.

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