National Handcuff Day is celebrated on the 20th of February every year. On 20th February 1912, George A. Carney was given a patent number 1,017,955 in the U.S. for his “Lightweight and adjustable swinging bow ratchet-type handcuff.” George A. Carney’s Handcuff design was simple and more comfortable to use when compared to older Handcuff models. Handcuffs are devices that are used to fix a person’s wrists close together.

Cages come in lots of different colors and shapes. Some are gilded, while others have a slamming door. But golden handcuffs are still handcuffs.”- Amy Harmon.

History of National Handcuff Day

National Handcuff Day has been celebrated from the year 2010 to respect George A. Carney’s invention of modern lightweight handcuffs. James Milton Gill bought Carney’s Patent on cuffs, and then he started the Peerless Handcuff Company and began manufacturing handcuffs, and he sold the first handcuff based on Carney’s design in 1914.  The Peerless Handcuff Company in the year 1932 launched the “barrel-style key,” which turned out to be the best in the world.  Even after 100 years, many handcuff companies are using the same swing-through design for making handcuffs with some little modifications. Carney’s invention became a massive hit because it is lightweight. It enables police officers to secure cuffs on a criminal easily and quickly with one hand.

National Handcuff Day 2018 - February 20

Other Celebrations on February 20

February 20 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

On this day, every year, a contest is organized by the Peerless Handcuff Company. This contest is a form of a quiz in which the participants are asked different questions about the handcuffs and its history. The winner of the quiz contest will get a set of new handcuffs. Post pictures and share your thoughts about the day on social media using the hashtag #HandcuffDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Handcuff Day 2024.