Farmworker Appreciation Day is observed on August 6 of every year. The day was created to help raise awareness of these often forgotten bastions of the economy, and remind us to be thankful for all they have done.

“We farm workers are closest to food production. We were the first to recognize the serious health hazards of agriculture pesticides to both consumers and ourselves.” – Cesar Chavez

History of Farmworker Appreciation Day

Farmworker Appreciation Day was created to appreciate farm workers and to raise awareness of the issues that they face every year. The work of farmworkers is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the first world, and yet they are often not protected by any laws that protect other workers. This is due in part to their annual status and their tendency to be immigrant workers who return to their home country after the harvest is complete. Some of the hazards that they face in their work line include exposure to pesticides and fertilizers which may cause rashes due to their toxic nature. While doing the job, they apply pesticides, dig in fertilized soil, and harvest those same plants which they previously doused with poison. In such uncertain conditions, it’s not shocking that many die and fall sick each year. Hence today is a perfect day to raise awareness among the difficulties faced by the farmworkers.

Farmworker Appreciation Day

Other Celebrations on August 6

August 6 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the day

Celebrating the Farmworker Appreciation Day is quite easy and very simple to remember. Celebrate the day by raising awareness among the people about the difficulties facing by farmworkers every day. You can use the hashtag #FarmworkerAppreciationDay to increase awareness on social media.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Farmworker Appreciation Day 2023.