August 6th is celebrated as National Root Beer Float Day. It is the day every year when we celebrate and honor our signature treat. Between the rich vanilla ice cream and the impressive root beer foam, how can any individual resist this delightful drink? This amazingly fresh summer treat has its special day to honor its undeniable brilliance.

“Ice cream floats know how to party: They like to mix it up with a little alcohol from time to time.”

History of the day

Towards the finish of the 19th century, a gentleman called Frank Wisner produced the first root beer float. Strangely, this float was nicknamed the “black cow”. If you are wondering how to make one of these excellent drinks, then just add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a cold glass of root beer. The taste of root beer float performs the taste buds tingle with utter excitement.

Root Beer Float Day

Other Celebrations on August 6

August 6 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the day

To celebrate the day why not create your float using a scoop of ice cream and a glass of root beer? Make the float colorful and attractive. So that other people can see you have done an effort for this special day. Celebrate today by making your own Root Beer Float and share your experience on the social platforms by using the HashTag #HappyNationalRootBeerFloatDay or simply #RootBeerFloatDay.

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