Constitution Day comes on September 17 of every year. Constitution Day commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution by thirty-nine brave men on September 17, 1787, recognizing all who are born in the U.S. or by naturalization have become citizens. Constitution Day is a holiday to honor the constitution of a country. Constitution Day is often celebrated on the anniversary of the signing, promulgation, or adoption of the constitution, or in some cases, to commemorate the change to a constitutional monarchy.

Those who served, and those who continue to serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and we can never forget the importance of their commitment to our Nation.” – Robin Hayes

History Of Constitution Day

Citizens of the United States have feasted on Independence Day and Presidents’ Day since the 1870s, and in 2005, the nation began to feast on Constitution Day. Also known as Citizenship Day, Constitution Day is an American holiday acknowledging the day 39 delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the United States Constitution. This historic date was September 17, 1787.

Constitution Day

In 1939, the New York City broadcast tycoon William Randolph Hearst suggested the production of a holiday to celebrate American citizenship. Not only did Hearst have a wide readership of his many daily newspapers, but he also had significant political connections, and in 1940, Congress designated the third Sunday in May as “I am an American Day.” President Harry Truman performed the resolution, setting aside this date in honor of the American people, especially those who had recently become citizens of the United States.

Other Celebrations on September 17

September 17 is also celebrated as

How To Celebrate the Day

The Constitution is only a few pages long, well-organized, and written. Now it is a precise time to clear up any misconceptions you might have about the Constitution. Pass out models of pocket Constitutions to your friends and coworkers. Take a Constitution quiz online. Acknowledge the Framers of the Constitution. Discover the ideas behind the Constitution.  Learn about the threat posed by Judicial Activism. Make sure your kids understand the Constitution.  Share what you know about the Constitution. Watch a movie about the Founding era. Spread the word in your local community. You can use the hashtag #ConstitutionDay to spread awareness on social media.

Thank you for viewing the post. Celebrate every day with and Happy Constitution Day 2023.