Binge Day Comes on September 25 of every year. You’ve got the daylight, and Netflix has finally spread the fresh season of Orange Is the New Black. If you’re something like us, we know where we’ll find you. Right in ahead of the television buffeting out the whole season in one sitting, that’s where. Whether it’s relooking an old favorite like Firefly or grazing at the bit for the fresh fall of The Walking Dead so you can take it in every at once, Binge Day is the day to cover up on your favorite series.

I don’t see my artist friends as any more neurotic or addiction-prone than the others. The roommates I have had who were into triathlons or environmentalism were just as crazy as the poets, just as prone to tears over gardening or air conditioners, just as ready to kite a cheque or binge on cookie dough.” – Russell Smith

History of Binge Day

There was a period when television stations would sport ‘marathon’ events of past series or multi-part movies as a significant event for fans, but now it’s the entity that happens every night of the week through work like Netflix and Hulu. Once a periodic event, producers of movies are now individually releasing their presents to feed the habit that is binge-watching. Shows like House of Cards are discharged all in one go, rather than having a weekly transmission date or release format, and that is a straight result of their customers loving to sit down and forget themselves in another world a periodic or more at a time.

Binge Day

While the statement says that many people began to feel guilty after having looked at a few episodes, absorbed there was a better way they could have relieved their time, binge-watching formally has some very real benefits. By binge-looking a show, you allow yourself to stress less and let the stress of the day record away from your shoulders and just appreciate your favorite stories for a while. For a few people, every day is a circumstance of frantic activity and constant digital tie-ups with friends and the world; Binge Day gives you a much-required vacation from all of that.

Other Celebrations on September 25

September 25 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate Binge Day

Thankfully, feasting Binge Day is a bit of a no-brainer. You have to take your favorite show or shows and take a day consuming them all in a grand feast of fandom. There’s no justification you have to do it alone either. Gather your friends mutually and binge-watch your favorite shows together. Want to get knowledge? Include themed snacks and foods to keep you going through the night, ornament your house to suit the sequence of the evening, and order a cake with justification decorations. After all, binge-looking isn’t just about feeding up a series all in one sitting; it’s about feasting the joy and freeness they bring into your life. You can use the hashtag #Binge Day to spread awareness on social media.

Thank you for viewing the post. Celebrate every day with and Happy Binge Day 2023.