National Psychotherapy Day is commemorated on September 25 of each year. Maintaining good health matters, and equally, one must possess good mental health, too. Psychotherapy is one form of treatment that helps people overcome their mental problems and stress. National Psychotherapy Day is celebrated to bring awareness about mental illness and how it can be treated. It is essential to get treatment for the disorders of both the mind and personality by psychological methods on this Psychotherapy Day.

“Psychotherapy is what God has been secretly doing for centuries by other names; that is, he searches through our personal history and heals what needs to be healed – the wounds of childhood or our own self-inflicted wounds.” – Thomas Keating

History of National Psychotherapy Day

National Psychotherapy Day was founded by clinical psychologist Dr. Ryan Howes and a group of professionals and students. The celebration of this day marks the promotion, research, and support for all those who need psychotherapy. The clinicians, clients, and therapy advocates will unite and promote the profession, how to combat stigma, educate the public, and draw attention to the needs of community mental health. The aim of this day is to raise awareness and combat misconceptions with the help of therapists. It is mentioned that one in four people have mental illness and emotional problems which need to be treated properly. Psychotherapy is not only for individuals who need a diagnosis or are in a crisis, but it also helps those who want to enhance their happiness.

 National Psychotherapy Day

Other Celebrations on September 25

September 25 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

Celebrating National Psychotherapy Day is very simple. You can read and get details about the Psychotherical treatments, methods, and how to overcome them. Recommend therapy to a person you know. You can even share your experience with the therapy with others. Wear turquoise-colored clothes to show support for Psychotherapy Day. Post and share your celebrations on social media using the hashtag #NationalPsychotherapyDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Psychotherapy Day 2023.