National Beautician’s Day is observed on June 26 of every year. A beautician is a professional who helps others to take care of, style, and design various parts of one’s body. They are trained professionals who provide services, from manicures to makeup applications, for both men and women. The types of services they provide vary depending on the license they possess. The license they will give will be based on the qualification of the beautician. They are also called stylists or cosmetologists. These people bring the best look to us and make us look wonderful when necessary. Being a beautician involves ongoing learning, and it is essential for them to update themselves on current trends and styles. For example, they got to be updated about the latest styles, the best products, treatments, and techniques. National Beautician’s Day is celebrated to appreciate the work of beauticians.

And I think musicians can better run this state than politicians. And, hell, beauticians can better run the state than politicians.”- Kinky Friedman

History of National Beautician’s Day

The origin and the history of National Beautician’s Day are unknown. But it is important to be celebrated because those are the people who work in the background and get the least credit. So it is necessary that they are thanked and appreciated on a particular day. Beauticians always work with us for a long time and often become close to our hearts. This day reminds us to be grateful to our beautician for making us look our best every time needed.

National Beautician's Day

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How to celebrate the day

Celebrate this day by appreciating your beautician with a gift, flower, or card. It is significant that their talent is acknowledged on this day. By doing this, you can put a smile on your beautician’s face and make up for all of their hard work. Just give your beautician a little attention to let them know how valuable their work is. Post pictures and share your National Beautician’s Day celebrations on social media by using the hashtag #BeauticiansDay.

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