Be Humble Day is celebrated on February 22nd of every year. Being humble is a way of showing a modest character and feeling less proud of oneself. From children, people around us teach and stress the importance of practicing and adopting humility in one’s life. True humility is not about thinking less about oneself, but it is about feeling less. Modest people do not claim all too much for themselves and end up being successful. Humility is the secure establishment of all virtues.

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” – Ernest Hemingway

History of Be Humble Day

The exact origin and the founder of Be Humble Day are still unknown. But it is an inspiring day to take humility seriously and practice it all through life. A humble person does not boast. When the person is established, their actions and background will speak for them. It is a day to live a simple life, away from brands, boasting people, and unusual experiences.

Be Humble Day 2018 - February 22

Other Celebrations on February 22

February 22 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate Be Humble Day

On this day, acknowledge other individuals’ accomplishments; take the day to examine one’s conscious thoughts and feelings. Consider the ways to improve one’s life and move towards flawlessness; teach your kith and kin about humility and show them that modesty is decent uprightness to have. This day can be seized to actively encourage people about the idea of accepting their errors, faults, and limitations and make them a better human being. Be Humble Day can be a perfect excuse to intentionally study the actions, mannerisms, and even the way one speaks to others. On this day, accept and endure that people have defects, and they must work on them. Share your thoughts about Be Humble Day on social media using the hashtag #BeHumbleDay.

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