International Bath Day is observed every year on June 14. International Bath Day is celebrated in honor of the Greek Scientist and Mathematician “Archimedes,” who found the object’s volume while bathing in a tub. The day can also be taken as a day to go swimming or to make your kids bathe in a tub full of toys. Our mind gets relaxed during bathing, and you can think, find and discover new innovative ideas while you bathe. Moreover, You can burn calories by swimming since swimming is considered the best exercise for cardiovascular strength.

History of International Bath Day

International Bath Day has been celebrated in remembrance of the Greek Scientist and Mathematician Archimedes. He discovered while bathing that an object’s volume can be determined by immersing it in water. The volume found using this method is accurate. The history goes this way, Archimedes dipped himself in a tub full of water, and he found the water getting raised and splitting out of the tub. This made him excited as it paved the way to find the volume of the object.

International Bath Day - June 14

Immediately, he stood from the bathtub and ran, saying, “Eureka, Eureka,” which means “I found it.” This incident gave us the theory of finding the volume of an object. As Archimedes’ birth date is not known, People started to celebrate June 14 as it was believed to be the day when Archimedes found this theory. This day was determined by using the ancient method of determining the date. There is a saying that Archimedes found the theory exactly seven days before the day of summer, which means 7 days prior to June 21st (As per the ancient calendar, June 21 is the day when the summer starts).

Other Celebrations on June 14

June 14 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate International Bath Day

You can celebrate this day by taking your kids, friends, and family to a swimming spot and taking a family bath together. You can also teach your children the basic physics of water or even explain how the object’s volume is determined when dipping it into the water. Make them have fun in the tub with bath toys and other bath objects. Take photos and make the day memorable, and most importantly, don’t forget to share your experience on the social forums with the hashtag #InternationalBathDay.

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