World Town Planning Day

World Town Planning Day is observed on November 8 of every year. World Town Planning Day is otherwise known as World Urbanism Day or WTPD, and it presents an excellent opportunity to look at planning from a world perspective, and APA encourages its members to consider planning challenges and solutions across the world on that day. World Urbanism Day is a special day to recognize and promotes the role of planning in creating livable communities.

Apparently the town, a triumph of post-war socialist planning was a sewer, full of tattooed beasts and violent zombies, with vomit and blood frothing in the gutters. I couldn’t wait to see it.” – Hanif Kureishi

History of World Town Planning Day

Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera of the University of Buenos Aires created the organization for World Town Planning Day or World Urbanism Day in 1949 to advance public and professional interest in planning, both regionally and abroad. American Institute of Certified Planners supports World Town Planning Day as an approach to promote the broad-based awareness, support, and promotion of community and regional planning between the general public and all levels of management through activities in appreciation of American achievements on World Town Planning Day of each year.

World Town Planning Day 2017 - November 8
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World Urbanism Day

Reasons to Celebrate World Town Planning Day or WTPD

There are several reasons to celebrate World Urbanism Day or World Town Planning Day are as follows:

  • To bring more attention to the aims, objectives, and development of urban and regional planning across the world.
  • To give worldwide coverage to the ideals of urban and regional planning not only within the profession but also among the general public.
  • World Urbanism Day highlights the significant contributions sound planning has made to the quality of global human arrangements and their circumstances.

Themes of World Town Planning Day

The past themes of World Town Urbanism Day or WTPD are listed below

2009 – Resilience and Climate Change
2010 – Healthy People, Healthy Planet
2011 – Going Public: Spaces in our Communities
2012 – Smart Communities Connect
2013 – Water and Planning: The Fluid Challenge
2014 – Equality in the City
2015 – Housing Regeneration
2016 – Cities and Climate Change: Local Responses to a Global Challenge

Other Celebrations on November 8

November 8 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the World Town Planning Day

On World Town Planning Day, raise awareness about the importance of planning in your communities. Some of the planning associations and academic institutions organize special educational events on the topics relevant to planning in the local and global context. The online conference of World Town Planning Day provides an opportunity to telecast those events around the world. Share your thoughts about the Day on social media’s on the social media by using the hashtag #WorldTownPlanningDay or #WTPD2018.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy World Town Planning Day 2018.

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