Telecommunication is a transmission of signs, signals, messages, images, writings, and sounds or intelligence of every nature by wire, optical, radio, and also other electromagnetic systems. It occurs between communication participants when the exchange of information includes the use of technology. By using physical media, cables, or electromagnetic radiation, is transmitted. This type of transmission path is often divided into communication channels that afford the advantages of multiplexing. Because of many different technologies, the term is often used in plural form. World Telecommunications Day is celebrated with the main goal to highlight the communications and information that travel over the world. It is mainly to increase the awareness of crucial communications in every life and the stimulation in a field like the development of technologies.

History of World Telecommunications Day

The day starts earlier but in November 2005, the World Summit on the Information Society called upon the UN General Assembly to declare 17 May as World Telecommunications Day to focus on the ICT and the wide range of issues related to the information society which started by WSIS. General Assembly adopted a resolution in March 2006 that stipulates that World Telecommunications Day celebrated every year on 17 May. Also before World Information Society Day and World Telecommunication Day which was first held in 1969 and organizations like ITU. Many are there to refer to this day as World Telecommunication and Information Society Day by taking into account the UN’s observance. This observance is to raise the awareness of the possibilities, and other communication technologies bring to societies and economies, ways to bridge the digital divide.

World Telecommunications Day

Other Celebrations on May 17

May 17 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate the day

Celebrate World Telecommunications Day by increasing awareness about the positives of Communication also Information technologies among the public across the world. This day was first celebrated in 1969. It mainly aims to make information and communication more accessible to people that reside in remote areas. You can use #WorldTelecommunicationsDay to spread awareness on social media.

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