Pack Rat Day is feasted every year on May 17. The unofficial holiday encourages people to do some late spring cleaning and to make space for newer, more useful things in their lives. A pack rat is a term used to describe a person who tends to collect objects helpful and useless and does not easily get rid of them. While many of us can be sponge rates in certain areas of our lives, being a hoarder can be a serious issue. In many people, packrat performance can create major mental and physical health problems.

History of Pack Rat Day

The history of Pack Rat Day is the records of pathology and the people who live with it. Driving hoarding is a serious problem, we see it in people who collect things past their home experience to contain it. Worse, these same people are sometimes unable to determine whether or not saving a thing is useful or not. Sometimes it just results in a home that is packed with useless items and uncomfortable living space. In others, the case gets much drier. Hoarding can totally take over a person’s life, rendering their entire area impossible to inhabit. Kitchens and refrigerators may be encumbered with junk to the point they are unusable and incredibly unsanitary. Bedrooms immediately become filled with random collections of items, sometimes to the point where there’s no way to use the room for its intended purpose. If there is, it’s mostly just the bed that’s able to be used, and often not all of it.

Pack Rat Day

If collecting just odd knick-knacks weren’t bad enough, it could get ugly the person with the hoarding problem can’t determine whether or not something is gone bad. Apparently, rotten food will be kept until it’s just completely mushed, meat that’s gone bad can ‘still be saved,’ moldy pancakes and the like will all be hoarded. The length to which this can affect a person’s life is tragic.

Other Celebrations on May 17

May 17 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate Pack Rat Day

Collecting is not always a bad thing. Whether it is baseball cards, old chocolate wrappers, or old cars, Pack Rat Day is a reminder that there is a fine line between collecting and hoarding and that sometimes it is ok to get cleared of old things to make way for modern things. Here are some ways to recognize this holiday, take the day off to do some coordination. Throw aside or distribute anything you haven’t used for over six months. If you know of someone who is a hoarder, get them some help. Hoarding can sometimes become a problem that can have an adverse influence on a person’s life. You can use the hashtag #PackRatDay to post on social media.

Thank you for reading the post. Celebrate each day with and Happy Pack Rat Day 2024.