World Lupus Day is celebrated on May 10 of every year. Lupus is an autoimmune and chronic disease that can damage any part of the body (joints, skin, and organs inside the body). Chronic means that the symbols and symptoms tend to persist longer than six weeks and usually for many years. Every day, nearly 5 million people across the globe fight with the debilitating health consequences of lupus, a fatal autoimmune disease capable of infecting any part of the body. 10 to 20 percent of the people under the age of 18 are diagnosed with systemic lupus. Lupus can also be developed later in life called late-onset lupus diagnosed after age 50. Hence it is a perfect day to raise awareness among the people about the Lupus disease.

“A welcome step towards raising awareness of this difficult to diagnose, uncommon, often invisible and unpredictable disease.” –┬áChris Maker

History of World Lupus Day

Lupus Canada created this day in 2004 to raise awareness about this little-known disease which can have devastating effects on sufferers and their families. It was organized by lupus organizations from thirteen nations, who called for their governments to increase the funding for analysis, provide greater patient services, increase epidemiological data and raise awareness about this disease. Since then, World Lupus Day has been celebrated in an increasing amount of countries all over the world. The musician and philanthropist, Julian Lennon is a high-profile supporter and global ambassador of Lupus Day. Daniel Radcliffe, Lady Gaga, and Ian Harding are the other celebrities who made sizable contributions to the Lupus Association of America.

World Lupus Day

Other Celebrations on May 10

May 10 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate the World Lupus Day

Just gather your friends, and family members and raise awareness among the people about the Lupus disease. World Lupus Day is connected with the purple color, and people can show their support by wearing purple-colored clothes or by buying special wristbands with the phrase “Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery.” On this day, one can enjoy the sun with lupus by taking certain precautions. You can use the hashtag #WorldLupusDay to spread awareness on social media.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy World Lupus Day 2024.