Word Nerd Day is an annual fun celebration observed on January 9th of every year. Communication is a vital tool in this world, and anyone needs words to tell what he/she feels. Every language has plenty of words and meanings. If you are very much interested in knowing different words or love to find fancy and unusual words, then Word Nerd Day is a perfect time for you to celebrate your nerdiness. Showcase your vocabulary skills to others on this Day and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

“I’m a vocabulary nerd.” – Sam Trammell

History of Word Nerd Day

The Word Nerd Day’s origin, history, and the person who created this celebration Day are unknown. There is no mention of the year from which this Day has been celebrated. However, we could think that the person who created this Day loves different words and languages and the person who knows them. Thus, this Day celebrates one’s expansive vocabulary skills and nerdiness. The people are encouraged to learn more about the origin, synonyms, and usage of words in their language by picking up their dictionaries and thesauruses. Irrespective of the word being long or short or silly or hard and if you are a connoisseur of words, then you can enter into this fun celebration. Celebrate all the lengthy, intricate, fancy, and unusual words and the person who uses them.

Word Nerd Day

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How to Celebrate Word Nerd Day

Celebrating Word Nerd Day is quite simple. You are encouraged to show off your vocabulary skills and talents on this Day. Justify how much knowledge you have about the words to others. If you love to know all those complicated, unusual words, then take out your dictionary to start learning two new words a day. Remember those words and use them appropriately. If you find no time to take the dictionary itself, then make use of the dictionary apps available for smartphones that list words and their meanings every day with a notification. Encourage your children to let know different words and make it a habit from their childhood. You can even call your family and friends to play crossword puzzles, word building, and other such word games. Share such different words that you know on social media using the hashtag #WordNerdDay.

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