National Clean Off Your Desk Day is an annual fun celebration observed on January 13 of this year. Of course, all of our desks during the holidays would have been filled with many more unnecessary items. One would have used the desk in the home for the Festivus and new year celebration. Even the desk in your office would have surrounded with dust as you haven’t visited your workplace due to the holiday season. Whatever the reason and mess be, it is essential to start the new year with a neat and clean desk. Experts believe that the clean desk increases the productivity. So it’s time to clean off your desk as it is National Clean Off Your Desk Day.

“The way in which you carry yourself, even when seated at a desk, matters.” – Ivanka Trump

History of National Clean Off Your Desk Day

The history, origin, and the founder of the National Clean Off Your Desk Day are unknown. There is also no mention about the year since this Day has been celebrated. The second Monday of every January marks this celebration Day. The founder of the Day has come up with such a Day as to make the people know the importance of having a clean desk. It is vital to have a functional workspace for any worker to build a productive work life. The productivity savants and authorities believe that a clean, well-organized work desk will enable the workers to focus on the work. Having a cleaner desk will give you a sense of tranquillity.

National Clean Off Your Desk Day 2018 - January 8
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National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Let your desk be a private or shared office, cubicle, or a make-shift desk on the counter, and even the desk at home, it is a must to make your workspace organized, uncluttered, refreshed and clean. Cleaning off your desk will encourage you to work more efficiently. Research also shows that those people who work in unclean spaces with an untidy collection of things tend to get baffled faster than those whose workspaces are well-organized and clean. Having a clean desk will sustaining productivity, energy, and focus. Get ready to feel the instant pleasure soon after you clean off your desk. Make things organized as to look and feel the strengthened and more productive.

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How to Celebrate National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Celebrating the National Clean Off Your Desk Day is very simple. Take some good time to clean off your desk. Make all your files ad paper works organized in the drawer of the desk. File all the important documents and place them in one corner of your desk. Keep only the necessary items your desk as to avoid cluttering of things. You can even ask your colleagues to clean off their desks by mentioning this celebration. Share your clean, uncluttered desk pictures on this Day on the social media using the hashtag #CleanOffYourDeskDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day 2020.

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