National Weed Appreciation Day is an annual observance celebrated on March 28. Remember your childhood playing with the bright, yellow dandelions which you have found in your garden? These dandelions are weeds that are used both for food and herbal medicine. Most often weeds are thought to be unwanted plants in the wrong place. Those who know its usefulness will find this celebration worth it. But it is not the truth as some of them are really beneficial with their medicinal uses, few of them are consumed, and others are just unwanted. Throughout history, weeds are both loved and cursed but whatever be the reason the weeds need to be celebrated. Don’t get shocked as there is a day on the calendar that is meant for the weeds. Instead, celebrate, appreciate, and honor the lowly weeds on the National Weed Appreciation Day for all their usefulness.

“A weed is but an unloved flower.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

History of National Weed Appreciation Day

The National Weed Appreciation Day’s origin and history are not known. The founder and the year from when this celebration is being held are also anonymous. However, we could think that it was someone who has known the worth of weeds and loved them who has come up with such a special day for them. National Weed Appreciation Day celebrates the usefulness of the weeds and encourages us to learn more about weeds and their medicinal value. Weed is a plant that usually grows in a place where you don’t want it to grow, and this nature has given the plants the name weed. Anyone could see the weeds in areas like gardens, farm fields, lawns, and parks. Many plants which are known as weeds have beneficial properties too although the term “weed” has attained a negative connotation.

National Weed Appreciation Day

Weeds are found to have medicinal value and are an incredibly nutritious food to consume by humans, birds, and insects. Dandelion and Lamb’s Quarter are edible weeds, and their leaves or roots are used for food or herbal medicine. Dandelion has nutrients like calcium and nitrogen and provides soil fertility directly from its root. Burdock is another common weed type and is used to make soup and medicine sometimes. Amaranth and Purslane are weed varieties that are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, and more. Apart from being an annoyance, weeds will protect crops from harmful pests. They also provide ground cover, that prevents erosion and reduces moisture loss.

Other Celebrations on March 28

March 28 is also celebrated as

How To Celebrate National Weed Appreciation Day

There are numerous forms available in which you can celebrate the National Weed Appreciation Day. Firstly, indulge yourself to research the weeds and their types. Have pictures of them with you. Now go to your farmland or the yard and examine the weeds present over there. Find out the useful ones to consume and take them home. Search for how-to cooking and preparation tips online. Try a soup using the Burdock if you get it. Or you can even add them to the salads you eat. You could otherwise plant them in your yard to make the flies and birds will consume them. Share your weeds preparation photos and the snaps of the weeds you have in your garden on social media using the hashtag #WeedAppreciationDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Weed Appreciation Day 2024.