International Volunteer Day has been commemorated on December 5th of every year. Today, finding volunteers to do any service-based work is hard. Even after finding them, most often their works are left unrecognized and unappreciated. The volunteers are those who bring out a positive change in natural and man-made disasters. They make the world a better place to live in during such unavoidable situations. So why don’t we take a day of celebration for these selfless volunteer workers from all over the world? International Volunteer Day 2021 is only for those people who work tirelessly for the welfare of other people and their incredible voluntary contributions.

“Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need.” – Gillian Anderson

History of International Volunteer Day

The first International Volunteer Day (IVD) was held in the year 1985. United Nations (UN) has established this celebration Day. It is originally and still known as International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development. The Day gives a great chance for both the volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to make their contributions visible. It honors their efforts at local, national, and international levels. Volunteers can showcase the difference they make in their communities. The celebration Day gives the volunteers an opportunity to work jointly on projects and campaigns. IVD promotes the contributions of every volunteer to the economic and social development from local to national and international levels.

International Volunteer Day

Many non-governmental organizations like Red Cross, scouts, and others have marked the IVD. The Day is also marked and supported by the United Nations Volunteers. Apart from enlisting thousands of volunteers every year, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program works in close collaboration with its partner organization and governments to establish national volunteer programs. It is thereby aiming at creating structures that foster and sustain local volunteerism in the countries. IVD also focuses on exciting the people to offer their services as volunteers, both at home and away. It also recognizes the participation of the online volunteers towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

By combining United Nations support, IVD provides a unique opportunity for the people and volunteer-involving organizations to operate with government agencies, non-profit institutions, community groups, academia, and the private sector. Various events, activities are held across the globe to honor and acknowledge the contribution and the outstanding work of volunteers to improve the world for a better future. The volunteers can take necessary action for sustainable human development by assisting the activities of development organizations over the Internet through the Online Volunteering service.

Other Celebrations on December 5

December 5 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate International Volunteer Day

Celebrating International Volunteer Day is very simple. You can volunteer yourself in providing your help and support for the people of your location and their needs as a better start. Involve yourself in activities like voluntary community projects. Participate in marches, parades, or rallies that discuss volunteers and their timely work. You can promote the impact of volunteering with events like eradicating poverty, promoting gender equality, and ensuring environmental sustainability. Indulge yourself as a volunteer to take action for sustainable human development by supporting the activities of development organizations over the Internet. Share your views and celebrations on social media using the hashtag #VolunteerDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy International Volunteer Day 2023.