National Unfriend Day is an annual celebration commemorated on November 17th of each year. In the world of the digital era, almost all people use social media to communicate with others. Staying in touch with anyone from anywhere in the world is made easy, as with the development of several applications like Facebook. There will be so many friends listed, and it is essential to identify some untrue friends and it essential to unfollow and unfriend them. Get rid of those persons from whom you no longer need to stay in touch by unfriending them on the National UnFriend Day. It is the perfect Day to take off those personalities from your everyday digital life whom you never wanted to see.

“You got nothing to lose. You don’t lose when you lose fake friends.” – Joan Jett

History of National UnFriend Day

The National UnFriend Day was celebrated for the first time in the year 2010. It was conceived and proposed by the TV personality and comedian Jimmy Kimmel. He has established this Day as an effort to remind society concerning the true meaning of friendship. The UnFriend Day is a reminder to all Facebook users to stay close to those people whom they care about and move away from those fake ones. Unfriending a person whom you don’t wish to follow will let you stay away from the offences and misuse of your details.

National UnFriend Day

Be a friend to those who care about you and thereby muting all your fake, imaginary friends. Unfriending a person can be done for the following reasons such as posting too much, too many political posts, and workout posts, not checking the spelling, complaints about traffic, posting about the weather, children, too many food photos, images from a vacation, and so on.

Other Celebrations on November 17

November 17 is also celebrated as

    How to Celebrate National Unfriend Day

    Celebrating National Unfriend Day is quite simple. Log into your Facebook page and search in the friend list for whom you need to unfriend. Identify who are all real and who are the fake ones on your friend list. The reason to unfriend a personality may vary from person to person. It is the best Day to get out of those fake followers and stay in contact with the real ones. Ensure you are sharing and communicating with only the ones whom you care about or those who care for you. Avoid posting too many posts about politics, food, weather, children, etc., so as not to get on the list of someone unfriending you. You can like and follow the National Unfriend Day Facebook page. Share your views about unfriending on social media using the hashtag #UnFriendDay.

    Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Unfriend Day 2023.