Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day is celebrated on July 31 of every year. Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day is a day to celebrate the rare, odd, and uncommon musical instruments. For a very long time, musicians have tried to discover new music and sounds by inventing unique, innovative and newer instruments. Many unusual varieties of instruments in the world either have keys or string in them. Few instruments like drums don’t have both keys and strings; few instruments play without even touching them, like Theremin which is an electronic instrument. This day is observed to create awareness on various uncommon instruments and also to encourage people to learn about such instruments. There are many instruments like a baritone, sousaphone, mellophone, Xaphoon, Daxophone, and lot more, which people wouldn’t have heard off or can be recognised.

The sarangi, the ney flute are pretty ancient instruments.” – Howard Shore

History of Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day

The origination and the history of Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day are not known so far. But the reason for the creation of the day is apparent that it was created to make people aware of the instruments that are least popular and are hard for people to recognise by their names. This day motivates people to learn the art of playing few of those instruments and also to make their contributions to the world of music by making their musical instruments. This day can be an exciting day to motivate many music lovers.

Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day
Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day

Other Celebrations on July 31

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How to celebrate Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day

Celebrate Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day by spending some time on researching about the various musical instruments which are least known. Make it a point to learn a new instrument that is quite uncommon to you. On this day you can also educate your friends and family about the different ancient instruments. Be motivated enough even to make new instruments that may bring new sounds and music. Post pictures and share your Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day celebrations on social media by using the hashtag #UncommonInstrumentAwarenessDay.

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