National Tweed Day has been celebrated on the April 3 of every year. The reason for the celebration is quite obscure as there are two reasons for observing the day. Few people think that this day is celebrated to acknowledge William Magyar Tweed, an American politician who played a vital role in the politics of 19th century New York City and State. He was known for his political corruption of around $200 million and was later put in jail until death. It is said to be observed because Boss Tweed’s birthday falls on April 3. Few other people think that this day celebrates the tweed fabric. Tweed is a rough woolen fabric, a symbol of traditional Irish and British country clothing. It is used for both formal suits and also for casual garments as it is made to withstand harsh climates. Conventional Scottish tweed is called Lovat.

To wear a gray tweed suit, you have to be mature and confident in yourself. Some people can’t pull it off.” – Dwyane Wade

History of National Tweed Day

William Magyar Tweed, the American politician, was born on April 3, 1823, which could be taken as a reason to celebrate National Tweed Day. But there is no specific reason for commemorating tweed fabric on this particular day. However, It is believed that Tweed Day celebrates Tweed fabric, as no one will want to celebrate a corrupted, crooked politician on any day.

National Tweed Day

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How to Celebrate the Day

National Tweed Day can be spent by reading about the history of Boss Tweed or learning about the Scottish fabric tweed. Tweed suit is a very traditional formal range of worsted suiting, assumed to be worn by mature, confident people. Boss Tweed has been an inspiration for many politicians and political activists, so it is a good day to read about him. You can use the hashtags #NationalTweedDay or #TweedDay to share your thoughts on social media about National Tweed Day.

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