National Tartan Day is celebrated on April 6 of every year. The National Tartan Day represents the Declaration of Arbroath which signed in 1320. National Tartan Day is created to celebrate the Scottish history and the achievements made by the Scottish people across the world. The day will be celebrated with Highland dancing, pipe bands, and some other Scottish-themed events.

We fight not for glory, not for riches, not for honors, but for the freedom alone which no real man give sup except for his life.” – The Declaration of Arbroath

History of National Tartan Day

The Minister of Canadian Heritage officially declared the April 6 as National Tartan Day on October 21, 2010. He chose April 6 because April 06 is the anniversary of signing the Declaration of Arbroath (Scottish declaration of independence) in 1320. In the late 1980s the National Tartan Day originated in Nova Scotia, Canada where the provincial government declared the day as an official day. Then the day was spread across the world, with many provinces joining in. It is very surprising to see that 13 governors in the newly established United States were Scottish people and there are 56 signatures on the Declaration of Independence. Some of the scholars may suggest nearly a third of those signers were of Scottish descent. Hence it is a day to celebrate the Scottish history and achievements made by the Scottish peoples.

National Tartan Day
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National Tartan Day

Other Celebrations on April 6

April 6 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate the National Tartan Day

Celebrate the Tartan Day by checking the local public websites for parades, events, and ceremonies. Read more things about the Scottish History and the achievements made by the Scottish people. For more interesting, wear your tartan and take photos of your family members and friends. Then share those moments on social media’s using the hashtags #TartanDay or #NationalTartanDay.

Thank you for reading the post. Celebrate every day with and Happy National Tartan Day 2020.

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