National Tap Dance Day is an annual celebration observed on May 25th of every year. We would have tapped the shoes while listening to music most often. But do you know there is a form of dance that exists that is characterized by using the sounds of tapping shoes? It is termed the tap dance, an American art form. Tap dance is often performed in the musical theater and is widely loved by many. National Tap Dance Day celebrates this wonderful tap dancing form, those tap dancers, and those who love it.

“Tap dancing is like… it’s equivalent to music, not only for the African American community, but also for the world. Tap dancing is like language; it’s like air: it’s like everything else that we need in order to survive. I’m blessed and honored to be knowledgeable of the art form and to be a part of the art form.” – Savion Glover

History of National Tap Dance Day

The National Tap Dance Day has been in celebration since the year 1989. On February 7th of 1989, the idea of the Tap Dance Day has been first presented to the U.S. Congress. Later on November 8th of 2004 it was signed and approved by American law by President George H.W. Bush. The celebration date coincides with the birthday of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson who was a significant contributor to tap dance. The Tap Dance Day celebrates the origin and heritage of the tap dance genre and those famous tap dancers who brought the tap-dancing trend. Tap dance is a form of percussive dance that is characterized by the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor. Its origin can be traced back to the early 1800s which was developed primarily from the African and Irish influences.

The tap dance is classified into two major variations like rhythm or jazz tap and the Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses on dance; it is widely performed in musical theater. Rhythm tap is a tap dance that focuses on musicality, and the practitioners consider themselves a part of this jazz tradition. On the other side, Broadway tap focuses on dance and is usually performed in the musical theater. The sound made by the shoes will have a metal ‘tap’ on the heel and toe. There are different brands of shoes available which sometimes differ in the way they sound.

Other Celebrations on May 25

May 25 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Tap Dance Day

Celebrating the National Tap Dance Day is very simple. You can indulge in the tap-dancing shows and celebrations that will be held on this Day. It is the best time to start your tap dancing classes. Encourage people around you who are practicing in the studio to perform the best tap dancing. Those who are practicing tap dancing can take it a little more seriously for the best output. You can also watch and support shows done by famous tap dancers around the work. Share your tap-dancing videos and photos on social media using the hashtag #TapDanceDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Tap Dance Day 2023.