The name of the holiday comes from the popular saying “It’s so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk.” The origin of the holiday remains unknown but most say it is a day about the Summer climate. Several places in the Northern Hemisphere are warmer during July month of the year. So let’s see more about Sidewalk Egg Frying Day, its history, and many more in the upcoming article in detail.

History of Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

As mentioned before the origin of the day was still unclear but the day was celebrated all around the world annually on July 4. Also, the first time the day was celebrated was unclear. But as the name says it is all about Egg frying on the sidewalk and serving others. So let’s see how to celebrate the day.

Other Celebrations on July 4

July 4 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

The day is celebrated by cooking Egg fry on the sidewalk of your street. You can serve the egg dish to your friends and neighbors. This day will help you improve your relationship with your neighbors and friends stronger. On this day, various egg cooking contests will be conducted in several parts of the world. You can also post your image or video of you frying the egg on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc. with the hashtag #SidewalkEggFryingDay.

How to Cook an Egg Fry

[1] Take Pan or skillet and put it on medium heat.

[2] Add some oil or butter to the heating pan/Skillet.

[3] Crack the Egg into two on the medium-heated pan.

[4] Let it fry for nearly 4 minutes.

[5] Sprinkle a little bit of salt over the egg.

[6] If required sprinkle some pepper too.

[7] Now your Egg fry recipe is ready to serve.

Thank you for reading the article. Hope you had fun cooking various Egg recipes on this day. Also, celebrate every day of your life with Happy Sidewalk Egg Frying Day 2023.