Let’s sing the praises of the Rounds Resounding Day on August 1st. This annual event aims to glorify the art of singing rounds, or part-songs – with various voices taking up different portions of the melody.

History of Rounds Resounding Day

English nursery rhymes Row, Row, Row Your Boat, and Three Blind Mice and the Australian song Kookaburra is amongst the most popular rounds, often sung around the campfire by the Scouts and the Guides. However, serious composers have written many songs in this format as well. The oldest published English part-songs age back to the 17th century. More recently a cappella group and barbershop quartets have put a whole different spin on singing in the round.

Rounds Resounding Day - August 1

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How to Celebrate this Day

The special day was founded in the year 1987, to promote singing in harmony. An excellent way to mark the occasion is to join with family or friends and try singing a variety of songs, both old favorites, and new discoveries. The day is likely to establish a resounding success!

Celebrate this Day by sharing your experience with the Hashtag #RoundsResoundingDay on August 1st.

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