International Childfree Day is celebrated on the 1st of August every year. People who decide not to have children are gathered together and celebrate Childfree day. They nominate a set of individuals who are childfree by choice. Winners are announced every year at the end of the day.

History of Childfree Day

The roots of Childfree Day are based on an exhibition staged by the National Organization for the Non-Parents in the early 1970s. They select a male and female non-parent of the year, with the winners marching down 5th Avenue in NYC. Forty years later, the International Childfree Day was set up in honor of this event, with the idea being to honor those people that specifically choose not to have their children.

International Childfree Day - August 1

Other Celebrations on August 1

August 1 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate this Day

A Childfree Woman and a Man of the Year are elected to celebrate this day, and those that want to get included can nominate a person for this award. The particulars of how to do this are given on the official site, and a panel of judges choose a male and female winner from the nominated candidates. These are announced on the same day, with the selected man and women receiving a few small prizes in honour of their award.

You can nominate a Childfree parent for this event and celebrate by hashtagging #InternationalChildFreeDay on August 1st.

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