National No Beard Day is an annual celebration observed on October 18th of each year. You would have started growing your beard a long ago, or you might have let it grow a few days ago. Take this day to clear away your beard by shaving it whatever the reason be. Let your face look smooth, soft, and delicate. National No Beard Day encourages you to shave your beard to look even more beautiful without your beard.

“Shave off your beard and wear a dress. You would be a great female impersonator.” – Simon Cowell

History of National No Beard Day

The origin, history, and founder of the National No Beard Day are unknown. The celebration Day encourages you to look professional without your beard. Take your razor or trimmer and clear away your beard. For those who haven’t removed it for years can look at your beautiful face by shaving the beard. It is a day to see how you look like without it. Beard is a collection of hair that grows on the face like on the cheeks, chin, upper lip, and neck. Most often men especially the pubescent or adult males are capable of growing beards. At times, women also have hair on their faces, and they can use this Day to shave the hair on their faces. Look professional by removing the beard. Having a beard is associated with a lack of general cleanliness. So clear it off and look cleaner.

National No Beard Day

Men and women can use a safety razor a straight razor or multi-blade razors to get the closest shave. It is necessary to cut down the long beard using the scissors first and then shave the remaining hair next. Once after shaving, you are required to wash your face with cold water and dry it. You can even use the aftershave lotion. History states that men with facial hair possess different attributes like higher status, wisdom, sexual virility, masculinity. In those periods, precisely before the invention of razors, hair was removed by using two shells to pull the hair out. In around 3,000 BC, copper tools and copper razors were developed. From then on, the importance of cleanliness is carried over.

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How to Celebrate National No Beard Day

The best way to celebrate National No Beard Day is to shave your beard to look how you look like. It is the perfect day to excuse yourself and try looking handsome without a beard. Encourage your friends and family members on this Day to clear away their facial hair to look professional and cleaner. Post and share your no-beard face on social media using the hashtags #NationalNoBeardDay or #NoBeardDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with, and Happy National No Beard Day 2023.