National Mud Pack Day is commemorated on September 30 of each year. A mud pack is a mud mask that is a facial treatment. Apply a mud pack to your face to look more beautiful. Remineralize your skin with a mud pack facial on National Mud Pack Day.

“Due to my hectic work schedule, I hardly have enough sleep, and my skin tends to look dull. Facial masks are my savior, as it helps to brighten and hydrate my skin.” – Park Shin-hye

History of National Mud Pack Day

The history and origin of National Mud Pack Day are unknown. However, during the Renaissance of the 16th century, mud was used for therapeutic and other beauty purposes. Mud baths were considered to be the most important therapeutic purpose. During a mud bath, the people will take a bath in the mud to cleanse the dirt, and after a few minutes to hours, they will take a bath to wash off the mud. For both humans and animals, mud is used universally for healing purposes.

National Mud Pack Day

Later in the 19th and 20th centuries, there were further refinements made to the entire process of mud bathing. It was this time when a mud pack was introduced. Mud packs are usually mixtures of therapeutic clays that increase circulation when applied to the skin. The nutrient-rich mud will cleanse and re-mineralize your skin. It is also proved that a mud pack will ease muscle tension, release toxins, and boost immunity.  The mud packs facial works well on any skin, from oily to other combinations. It is commonly used as a mud pack for the face and entire body. There are some other benefits to the mud packs. It relieves pain and swelling associated with arthritis, digestion, stress, and works as a quick treatment for bee and wasp stings.

Other Celebrations on September 30

September 30 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

You can enter into a spa to treat your face and body with the mud pack to look even more gorgeous. Get a ready-made mud pack from the shop and apply it yourself to your face. Share your moments on social media using the hashtag #NationalMudPackDay.

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