International Translation Day is an annual celebration that occurs on September 30 of every year. A language is a communication tool for anyone living on this planet. Without knowing a language, one cannot understand the meaning. More than hundreds of languages being spoken all over the world, it is not possible to learn all of them. Rather it can be translated into one’s language for a better understanding. The day was celebrated to honor the translation community globally in an attempt to promote the translation profession.

“Every language is a world. Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.” – George Steiner

History of International Translation Day

The history and origin of International Translation Day date back to 1953. International Federation of Translators (FIT) established it for the first time. The day also coincides with the feast day of St. Jerome, who was a Christian scholar, and a priest and was the first person to translate the Bible from the original Hebrew into the Latin language. He was the person who first made the Bible accessible to a far wider audience. St. Jerome is regarded as the patron saint of translators. The celebration of the day also pays tribute to the countless work of translators who are providing the literature works widely in every language and breaking the language barrier. As the opportunities for international travel and globalization of trade markets are growing in number, translation work is gaining significant importance.

International Translation Day

A competent translator is not only a bi-lingual person but he is also a bi-cultural person. The FIT had launched the idea of an officially recognized International Translation Day in the year 1991. It aims to promote the translation profession in several countries by showing the solidarity of the worldwide translation community. International Translation Day is a great opportunity to exhibit the pride in a profession that is becoming increasingly necessary in the era of progressing globalization. The day is usually celebrated with a theme for every year.

Themes of International Translation Day

The themes for the last few International Translation Days are listed below

  • 2012: Translation as Intercultural Communication
  • 2013: Beyond Linguistic Barriers
  • 2014: Language Rights: Essential to All Human Rights
  • 2015: The changing face of translation and interpreting
  • 2016: Translation and interpreting: Connecting Worlds
  • 2017: Translation and Diversity.
  • 2018: Translation: Promoting Cultural Heritage in Changing Times
  • 2019: Translation and Indigenous Languages
  • 2020: Finding the words for a world in crisis
  • 2021: United in translation.
  • 2022: A World Without Barriers: The Role of Language Professionals in Building Culture, Understanding and lasting Peace
  • 2023: Translation Unveils the Many Faces of Humanity

Other Celebrations on September 30

September 30 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate International Translation Day

You can attend dedicated events, seminars, and symposiums held on this day. Gather up a meeting with family, friends, and children for a translation event. Assign them with the task and let them translate it to their extent. Post and Share the celebrations using the hashtag #InternationalTranslationDay on social media.

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