National Frappe Day is celebrated on October 7th of every year. Many a new variety of coffee drinks emerged, and Frappe is one kind of drink. Chill out your day with a Frappe coffee and without which the celebration of this day wouldn’t be complete. National Frappe Day is a day for coffee lovers to celebrate this versatile beverage.

“I love coffee. It’s one of my favorite things in the world, and I love tasting different coffees.” – Max Schneider

History of National Frappe Day

There is no clear evidence of when and who introduced National Frappe Day. Frappe is a Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink. The coffee is made with a cocktail shaker or a mixer. Frappe is made by blending instant Nescafe coffee, water, and sugar. Add cold water or ice cubes and milk optionally. Sometimes, it will be done with espresso and topped with whipped cream. The frappe glass is served with a drinking straw. The word frappé is a French word and comes from the verb frapper, which means to ‘strike‘ in this context. In French, the word frappé when describing a drink means ‘chilled‘ as with ice cubes in a shaker.

National Frappe Day

The world-famous Frappe was an accidental invention. A Nescafe representative named Dimitris Vakondios in the Greek city of Thessaloniki invented it during the Thessaloniki International Fair held in 1957. Some pronounce it ‘frap’ and others say ‘frah-pay.’ Frappe has been marketed chiefly by Nestlé in Greece. It is among the most popular drinks in Greece and Cyprus and is available at all Greek cafes. The frappé is a hallmark of post-war outdoor Greek coffee culture. In New England, the term Frappe is pronounced as frap, and it refers to milkshakes. It is made with coffee, milk, ice, vanilla ice cream, sugar combined in a blender. Many coffee shops offer Frappés in a variety of flavors and with or without the coffee.

Other Celebrations on October 7

October 7 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Frappe Day

National Frappe Day can be celebrated in many fun ways possible. Go to your favorite coffee shop and have yourself enjoy yourself with a frappe. Get to know more about Frappe preparations. Prepare Frappe at your home with different flavors for your family members and serve it chill. Use the hashtag #NationalFrappeDay to share your celebrations and flavors you tried on social media.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Frappe Day 2023.