National Drink Beer Day is feasted on September 28 of every year. Of course, it is not a day to excuse yourself from drinking. Rather, it is a celebration given for the oldest and most famous adult beverages in history. National Drink Beer Day wouldn’t be perfect without sipping your favorite beer. Beer is a soft drink preferred by most humans, unlike other hot drinks. If you have missed out on the celebration of International Beer Day, then Drink Beer Day is just another day for your thirst for beer.

“There is no such thing as a bad beer. It’s that some taste better than others.” – Billy Carter

History of National Drink Beer Day

The origin and the history of National Drink Beer Day are anonymous. But, it is believed that beer is the oldest man-made beverage in history. The production of beer has existed since the Neolithic Era. Babylonian clay tablets detailed the first known recipe for beer in 4300 BC. One of the earliest and continuously operating brewery industries in the world resides in the Bavaria region of Germany. The Weihenstephan brewery industry began producing beer in the year 1040. Now, the firm exports fourteen different beers all over the world. Drink Beer Day is a great reminder to enjoy the world’s most famous adult beverage after the Oktoberfest season ends.

National Drink Beer Day

There are hundreds of both new and traditional varieties of beer available, and National Drink Beer Day is a perfect day to enjoy fermented beverages that have antioxidants. Also, beer can lower the risk of heart attacks, the risk of diabetes in women, and is good for the bones. With gaining popularity, the beer industry has entered into an explosion that keeps the robust flavors and even brings in new flavors seasonally. One could drink a variety of beers from the Neolithic Era to now including root beer to raspberry, caramel, and traces of herbs that delight one’s tongue when it comes to artisanal beers.

Other Celebrations on September 28

September 28 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

Arrange for a beer party for your friends and family and crack open the beer bottles to celebrate this day. You can even indulge yourself in researching more about the beer varieties. You can try making your own beer for yourself and your friends to be more creative. Post and share your Drink Beer Day celebrations on social media using the hashtag #NationalDrinkBeerDay.

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