National Doodle Day is celebrated on September 22 of every year. Bring out your inner artistic skills on this day. The commemoration of the day is a doodle-tastic annual fundraising event for people living with epilepsy disease. Make your sketches and let them be useful for someone unknown suffering from brain disease. Also, this is the perfect time to bring out your creativity in drawing. Dedicate all your unique scrappy drawings on National Doodle Day in the most useful way.

“We are visual creatures. When you doodle an image that captures the essence of an idea, you not only remember it, but you also help other people understand and act on it – which is generally the point of meetings in the first place.” – Tom Wujec

History of National Doodle Day

National Doodle Day was first established by Epilepsy Action in the year 2004. Epilepsy Action is an organization that aims at helping people who have Epilepsy, a disorder in which the nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, and it causes seizures. National Doodle Day by this organization will invite all the doodlers to doodle for fun and help them raise a ton of Epilepsy research and support. “Drawing a line through epilepsy” is the tagline that heads the campaign. The participants can take part by submitting their doodle, along with a small donation. The Doodle Day team then judges the best doodles among all other doodlers who had participated in the event to provide them with a chance of winning a prize. It doesn’t stop with the prize. Rather, their artistic doodle will be displayed in the National Doodle Day’s Hall of Fame. Doodle Day celebrations have so far raised funds over £15,300 for Epilepsy Action. The fund has supported 600,000 people living with epilepsy by giving them specialist advice and thus enabling them people to live free from stigma, prejudice, and discrimination. Every doodle art will somehow support a person to get away from the deadly disease. Let your hands draw a doodle to support the life of others.

National Doodle Day

Other Celebrations on September 22

September 22 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Doodle Day

The best way to celebrate the day is to donate your doodle art for Epilepsy Action as support from your side for those suffering. You can even ask your friends and family to scrap their creativity and donate it as a whole. You can post and share your doodle and National Doodle Day pictures on social media using the hashtag #NationalDoodleDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Doodle Day 2023.