National Crush a Can Day is observed on September 27 of every year. Do you want to keep your environment eco-friendly? Then, the National Crush a Can Day is for you. Go green with the celebration of the day and educate the people about the importance and benefits of recycling.

“We’re not environmentally doing very good things to this planet, and we might not be around too long.” – Peter Dinklage

History of National Crush a Can Day

The history and origin of the Crush a Can Day are unknown. Crushing a can safely in any way is recommended. Often, we drink beverages like alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, teas, and tisanes in a metal can. The excessive waste of these cans will pollute the environment. Crush a Can Day is a perfect way to reduce the tins. Any form of crushing the can, like crushing, bending, and squeezing the cans into small shapes, will be environmentally friendly. Cans are usually made of aluminum or tin-plated steel. Irrespective of the cans, they need to be recycled for an eco-friendly environment. It is to be noted that all your stress will be reduced whenever you crush the can. Take some time to make your surroundings clean and better.

National Crush a Can Day

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How to Celebrate National Crush a Can Day

You can crush a can by yourself to initiate the recycling process. Gather your friends and family to a crushing contest. Collect all the cans to the nearby recycling center, which are not crushed manually. Post and share your Crush a Can Day celebrations on social media using the hashtag #NatioanlCrushACanDay.

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