National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day is celebrated on August 20 of every year. Now you need not wait for any occasion to eat the Chocolate Pecan Pie. It is not only a delightful dessert but is also a healthy food as it is filled with nuts, and is rich in fibres, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  If you are fond of pecan pie, then this day is just for you. Share this healthy, yummy delicious dessert with your family and friends to celebrate this National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day more joyfully.

Chocolate pecan pie is the best dessert in the galaxy, and as someone who’s been to twelve different planets, I mean that literally.” – Kara

History of National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

The history and origin of National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day are still anonymous and however, only very limited information is known. The word pecan has been derived from the Native American Algonquin language pakani, that refers to several nuts. It was found that until the early 20th century, there was no mention about the Chocolate Pecan Pie in any cookbooks. The historians related to cooking said that it was introduced as the pecan nut by the Native American and credited New Orleans of French as they had made it a Chocolate Pecan Pie dessert. Chocolate with the pecan pie and nuts adds a new shade of flavour to this dessert. The first pecan pie recipe was found to be date back to the 1880s, but it hadn’t become famous until 1940s. Most pecan pie ingredients include salt and vanilla as the flavourings. Pecan Pie has high proteins and magnesium content and is full of antioxidants as it has nuts. The dessert is known to reduce the risk of heart disease and some kinds of cancer. It is a very important and quality dessert native to Mexico and the southern United States which was usually served as a form of thanksgiving and during the Christmas celebration. But you need not wait till Christmas arrives rather you can eat Chocolate Pecan Pie on National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day.

National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day
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National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

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How to celebrate National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

The best way to celebrate National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day is by preparing a pie for yourself, your family and friends. Chocolate and bourbon whiskey are other favourite additions to the dessert which you can prepare for yourself. Try out any new variety and create more delicious Chocolate Pecan Pie. Fill your mouth with the pie of your favourite flavours and celebrate the day. Post your National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day celebration on the social media using the hashtag #ChocolatePecanPieDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day 2019

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