National Microwave Oven Day is celebrated on December 6 of every year. It’s time to celebrate a day for the microwave, an everyday appliance. Most often, the leftover foods are heated using the microwave oven. Heating up would never be so simple without the invention of the microwave oven. National Microwave Oven Day celebrates this incredible appliance and its efficient work in preparing healthy food.

“If you take a frozen box and stick it in the microwave, you become connected to the factory. We’ve forgotten who we are.” – Laura Esquivel

History of National Microwave Oven Day

The history, origin, and the founder of the National Microwave Oven Day. However, the microwave oven has a long tradition. It is a kitchen appliance that is used to heat and cook food. It works by exposing the foods to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. Dr. Percy Spencer was credited with the invention of the modern microwave oven. Dr. Spencer, while working with an active radar in the year 1945 noticed that a candy bar in his pocket was melting. He found that the high-powered microwave beams had created a heating effect that is ideal for cooking. The popcorn was the first thing he cooked, and an egg was the next.

National Microwave Oven Day

He had then applied for the patent on October 8, 1945. The first microwave oven was named the “Radarange,” and was first sold in the year 1946. It was over six feet tall and almost weighed higher than 700 pounds. Microwave ovens are conventionally used for reheating previously cooked foods. It is even used for cooking in the kitchen with a variety of other foods. Most often these microwave ovens are used for rapid heating of otherwise slowly prepared cooking items, like hot butter, fats, and chocolate.

Other Celebrations on December 6

December 6 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Microwave Oven Day

Celebrating the National Microwave Oven Day is very simple. Get down to your kitchen and start heating your favorite leftovers of last night. You can cook some simple food items for lunch for your family members on this Day. Prepare your children with some snacks and make the celebration even more joyful. Post and share your Microwave Oven Day celebrations on social media using the hashtag #MicrowaveOvenDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Microwave Oven Day 2023.