Mitten Tree Day has been celebrated on December 6 of every year. It is a fun holiday that would especially beloved by the children. During this snowy day, mittens would have assisted us to stay a little warm. They have helped us make a snowball and even the giant snowman. The role of mittens during the chill snowflake is quite significant. Today, we celebrate these cozy fuzzy mittens with a Mitten Tree Day in the calendar.

“Scarves, mittens, and hats are a great way to express your personality in the cold weather “ – Brad Goreski

History of Mitten Tree Day

The exact history and origin of the Mitten Tree Day are unknown. Believed to be created by school teachers as a way to celebrate the Christmas time activity with more fun and joy while they were in school. On the other side, people also claim that this fun celebration Day was created to honor the book titled “The Mitten Tree.” The author Candace Christiansen wrote the book, and it focused on Sarah, a lady who misses her grown-up children. Sarah is about to walk through the cold winter weather, and on her trek, she looks at the children who wait for their school bus near the big evergreen tree. Even though she smiles at the children, it seems they do not see her.

Mitten Tree Day

Sarah notices that some of the children there are unable to play in the snow as they don’t have mittens. So what Sarah does is she knits a basket full of mittens and hangs all of them all over the tree for all the children. One day when Sarah had no yarn, a basket full of yarn appears with which she again knitted mittens. Whenever Sarah runs out of yarn, a basket with more yarn comes. She knits the mittens for the girls and boys in her town. Mitten has derived its name from the Old French word mitaine. It was an old pet name for a cat, and the mittens were made of animal fur. It was originally used as sheaths for gloves to protect the hands.

Other Celebrations on December 6

December 6 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate Mitten Tree Day

Celebrating Mitten Tree Day is very simple. Wear mittens on your hands and roll some snowballs to play. Tell people around you about the importance of wearing mittens and their history. Learn more about mittens and how to knit them. You can knit some colorful mittens for people around you to make them feel little warmth. Decorate a tree in your home or office with mittens hangings. Celebrate your Christmas tree a few days ago with mitten decorations. Share your views and Mitten Tree pictures on social media using the hashtag #MittenTreeDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Mitten Tree Day 2022.