Melba Toast Day is an annual feast celebrated on March 23rd. Those who love chomping snacks can check out what the toast tastes like. Unlike other toasts, Melba Toast is not hard rather, it is a thinly sliced crispy toast loved by many. It perfectly suits those who are looking for a diet menu. Eat it plain or add toppings as it tastes the best in either way. It is a delicious little treat to crunch down by people of any age group and is most often served for the infants as teething biscuits. Crunch down some dry thinly sliced melba toast to celebrate the day perfectly.

“I’ve never cooked. I can’t do much more in the kitchen than make a cup of tea and some toast.” – Ethel Merman

History of Melba Toast Day

The creator and other historical references of the day are anonymous. There is no mention of why this date is precisely chosen for the celebration. However, the history of the Melba Toast traces back to more than a century. The French Chef Auguste Escoffier was regarded as the creator of this famous toast. The original name of this toast was “Toast Marie,” which was given by its creator. The name Toast Marie has not been used for a long time as it was soon named after Dame Nellie Melba which was the stage name of the famous Australian opera singer, Helen Porter Mitchell. Nellie Melba was ill and was advised to have a limited diet including dry toast.

Melba Toast Day

The toast has become a staple of her diet soon and is the reason for the toast named after the singer. Its name is thought to have conflicting dates and the most dated place is in 1897 or 1901. Melba Toast is a crispy, dry and thinly sliced toast usually served with the soup and salad or topped either with the melted cheese or pâté. It is prepared by lightly toasting the slices of bread under a grill, on both sides. Then the resulting toast is sliced laterally. Thus, the toast can be described as a twice-baked food. Peach Melba was another treat named after the same singer by the same chef.

Other Celebrations on March 23

March 23 is also celebrated as

How To Celebrate the Day

Celebrating the day is quite simple. Indulge yourself with some plain melba toast or add toppings or spreads to make it tastier. Add seasonings, or eat it with cream cheese and fruit. Buy some toast from the local grocery to make it simple. Get to know about the toast in detail and learn how to make it at your home. Take some bread and prepare a homemade toast at your home and serve it to your family. Taste yourself with the toast of different flavors and toppings on your own. Use the hashtag #MelbaToastDay to share your views and Melba Day celebration pictures.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Melba Toast Day 2024.