Levi Strauss Day is celebrated on February 26 of every year. Mr. Levi Strauss is a man without whom the jeans we use today might not exist at all. Today anyone can produce blue jeans, but Levi Strauss & Co. created the 1st blue jean in the year 1873. Jeans last for years and years, you can wear jeans for any occasion, you can wear them for a trip, and even for semi-formal occasions. These fantastic jeans look stunning with everything, from regular t-shirts to blazers.

In the old days, people used to risk their lives in India or in the Americas in order to bring back products which now seem to us to have been of comically little worth” – Levi Strauss.

History of Levi Strauss Day

Levi Strauss was born on February 26 of 1829 in Bavaria, and hence Levi Straus Day is celebrated on February 26 of every year. He came to the United States in the mid-1800s with his family. In San Francisco, California Strauss became a dry goods wholesaler; he sold many items like clothes, bags, handkerchiefs, bedding, etc. to settlers who came to California to participate in the gold rush. One day in the year 1870, a tailor named Jacob W. Davis who is one of Strauss’s clients was requested by a woman that she needed a pair of solid working pants for her husband who is a woodcutter. Her request made Jacob W. Davis produce a pair of pants from the denim he purchased from Levi Strauss shop and then he used copper rivets to strengthen the stitching. Word of the new clothing spread fast among people, and soon Davis was not able to manage the demand, and also he was not able to patent his invention. Then Davis approached Strauss for financial support and to patent his invention. Levi Strauss agreed to Davis’s request, the license was issued and later the two men became business partners.

Levi Strauss Day 2018 - February 26

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How to Celebrate the day

On the day, take some time to read about the origin and history of Levi Strauss & Co. Throughout his life, Strauss worked hard to achieve success and to make money. He also made many donations to orphanages and other charity organizations and helped the needy. So the best way to celebrate this day is by helping people who are in need. Then post pictures and share your thoughts about the day with others on social media using the hashtag #LeviStraussDay.

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