National Lazy Mom’s Day is celebrated on the first Friday of September. This year it will be celebrated on September 1. Don’t read it wrong; We are not celebrating lazy moms, We are saying that every mom needs a day to be lazy, and this day just happens to be it. On this Day, moms are cheered to relax, take a back seat, and simply be lazy as even on Mother’s Day moms across the globe cook, clean, and do all their daily works.

I wanted to write something in a voice that was unique to who I was. And I wanted something that was accessible to the person who works at Dunkin Donuts or who drives a bus, someone who comes home with their feet hurting like my father, someone who’s busy and has too many children, like my mother.” – Sandra Cisneros

History of National Lazy Mom’s Day

The origin and history of National Lazy Mom’s Day are not known, Whether you are a lazy mom, or just want to have a day off from all your works and become a lazy mom, then Lazy Mom’s Day is the right time for it. Every mom across the world work so hard, raising the kids, keeping the house from falling apart, but there are days they wish they could just be lazy. Moms around the globe view this day in different ways. Most of the moms see this day as a holiday from laundry, dishes, bathroom cleaning, and other household work. Take a break. Make yourself free from all chores. And just enjoy the day being lazy. That is how moms celebrate National Lazy Mom’s Day. Even if you are a working mom, there is no harm in celebrating the day by taking a day off.

National Lazy Mom's Day

Other Celebrations on September 1

September 1 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

If you are a mom, commemorate National Lazy Mom’s Day by taking a break from all your tasks and just enjoy being lazy on that Day, If you are a kid then encourage your mom to take a day off, no need to buy her a present on this day just give her some peace. Take pictures with your lazy mom and share them on social media by using the hashtag #LazyMom’sDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Lazy Mom’s Day 2023.