Emma M Nutt Day is celebrated on September 1st. This special day celebrates the world of telephone operators.  This day is named after Emma M. Nutt, the first female telephone operator in America. September 1, 1878, was Emma M Nutt’s first day of work at a telephone dispatch company as a telephone operator in Boston, Massachusetts, for over 33 years. Emma did so well at her job that they began hiring only females as telephone operators.

‘EMMA’, A synthesized speech attendant system created by ‘Preferred Voice Inc’ and ‘Philips Electronics NV’ is named in her honor.

History of Emma M Nutt Day

Like almost all other jobs, telephone services started as a man’s world. The first telephone operators were all men, but after a few days, managers and customers realized that men were impatient and rude to their customers. To avoid this customer, the Edwin Holmes Telephone Dispatch Company in Boston, Massachusetts, decided to hire women as telephone operators. So on September 1, 1878, Alexander Graham Bell himself appointed Emma M Nutt as the world’s first female telephone operator. Emma M Nutt’s appointment was path-breaking in many ways, She made a drastic change in the telecommunication industry in the United States, by the mid-1900s, most of the telephone operators in the country were women.  For a few years, she also worked together with her sister Stella Nutt, creating the first sister pair of operators in history too.  Also, her employment strengthened the slowly penetrating belief that women could work outside their homes and also contribute to society and the economy.

Emma M Nutt Day

Other Celebrations on September 1

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How to Celebrate the Day

The best way to celebrate the day is to take the phone and dial the operator when they pick up the call, male or female, we can thank them for the work they do and tell them who the first telephone operator was, also share about the day on social media with the hashtag #EmmaMNuttDay.

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