International Kiss A Ginger Day is celebrated on January 12 of every year. It is a day to receive a lot of love and kisses on that day. Whether it is a ginger cat or a human, celebrate Kiss A Ginger Day by showing your redhead that you appreciate their genetic rarity. Some of the amazing people existing in the world have defining characteristics of pale skin, fiery red hair, blue or green eyes, etc., So International Kiss A Ginger Day is a perfect day to receive a kiss from those genetically rare people.

History of International Kiss A Ginger Day

Derek Forgie introduced International Kiss A Ginger Day as a Facebook group in 2009. It is designed as a “Karmic Counter Event.” They already started in 2008, November, as Kick A Ginger Campaign, but it resulted in some ginger kids being assaulted in school, condemnation and stirring international outrage. So Derek decided to make January 12 a day for peace-loving activity aimed at Ginger.

International Kiss A Ginger Day 2018 - January 12

Redhead genetics are the rarest genetics existing in the world. Only 1-2% of the population is the true red. The color range may vary from Burgundy to bright copper, maybe bright orange on a few occasions. In some parts of the world, people disparage this kind of color of hair. The origin of a phrase such as  “Like a red-headed stepchild” shows that people in some parts have an extra love affair with them. The most commonly used hair care product is Red hair dye, and it comes in a lot of colors that are never found in nature. The people in Ireland heavily have red hair, and it is the ancient origin of red hair.

Other Celebrations on January 12

January 12 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

Just find out the individuals who are ginger genetic in nature and give them a kiss. With that, you can receive a kiss from those people. For memories, you can take photos with them. Take pictures while kissing the people who are ginger genetic in nature and share them with others on social media by using the hashtag #KissAGingerDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy International Kiss A Ginger Day 2024.