National Junk Food Day

National Junk Food Day comes on July 21 of every year. National Junk Food Day is a day to forget all your diet’s and indulge in all your favorite unhealthy snacks without any guilt. Junk food is a word used to refer the food which has a lot of calories but very little or no nutritional value. Junk Food is popularized in the United States of America from the year 1950, and it is used across the world for foods which are heavily processed and having the high quantity of sugar, salt, and fat.

Animals taste systems are specialized for the niche they occupy in the environment. That includes us. As hunters and foragers of the dry savannah, our earliest forebears evolved a taste for important but scarce nutrients: salt and high-energy fats and sugars. That, in a nutshell, explains the widespread popularity of junk food.” – Mary Roach

History of National Junk Food Day

The creator or Founder of National Junk Food Day is still unknown. But there is a story that National Junk Food Day was created by a person or group who wanted to eat junk food without any guilt for one day a year. Some of the studies revealed that consuming junk food once in a while will not hurt your health. It will be dangerous when someone eats junk food for a majority of their meals. Consuming a large amount of junk food will lead to several health problems like obesity, diabetes, and several heart issues. So Celebrate National Junk Food Day by eating less amount of Junk Food.

National Junk Food Day
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National Junk Food Day

Other Celebrations on July 21

July 21 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Junk Food Day

Celebrating the Junk Food Day is quite easy and very simple to remember. You can have junk food for all your meals on that day. Just start the day with your favorite junk food and end the day with your favorite Junk Food. Take pictures while eating Junk Food and share them with others on social media by using the hashtag #JunkFoodDay or #NationalJunkFoodDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Junk Food Day 2019.

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