International Lefthanders Day is celebrated on August 13 of every year. The name itself says that the day is created to promote awareness about the difficulties faced by left-handers in the predominantly right-handed world. The day also celebrates the uniqueness and differences of left-handers, who are from seven to ten percent of the current world’s population. Hence International Lefthanders Day is a perfect day to celebrate left-handers and to raise awareness about the advantages and disadvantages of left-handers.

Left-handed pitchers get paid a lot of money to get left-handed guys out or else they wouldn’t be in there. They feel confident going up against lefties. If you look at most lefties’ numbers, typically they happen to be better against lefties than against righties. That’s all it is.” – Curtis Granderson

History of International Lefthanders Day

Left-Handers Club created the Lefthanders Day in 1976 to raise awareness of the difficulties of being left-handed. The Left-handed peoples use their left hands to carry out the works. Only 10% of the world population is left-handed. Unfortunately, most of the equipment and the day-to-day things are designed and manufactured for the use of right-handed people as they are high in the majority. The primary purpose of left-handers’ day is to make the majority of the right-handers aware of the frustrations faced by the left-handed people while using the devices which are designed for the right-handed people. The International Lefthanders Day also encourages the designers to think about the convenience of individuals whose left hand is their dominant hand. If you are a Left-handed person, International Lefthanders Day is a perfect chance to tell your family members and friends how proud you are of being left-handed, and also promote awareness of the everyday concerns that lefties face as we live in a world designed for right-handers.

International Lefthanders Day

Other Celebrations on August 13

August 13 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the day

Celebrating International Lefthanders Day is quite easy and very simple to remember. Take your right-handed friends to show them how difficult it can be to use objects not made for them. You can use the hashtag #InternationalLefthandersDay or #lefthandersday to express your views on social media. You can ask right-handed friends to do the following daily tasks with the left hand:

  • Pour from milk/measuring jugs.
  • Stir food in pans.
  • Peel vegetables/fruit.
  • Fill & pour kettle.
  • Open tins.
  • Wash up in the left hand.
  • Open wine bottles.
  • Cutting – using right-handed scissors in the left hand.
  • Ironing board & iron reversed – adults & older children only!
  • Drawing a regular line with a ruler in the left hand.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy International Lefthanders Day 2023.