National Genealogy Day is held on March 11 of this year. It is an annual celebration observed on the Saturday of the First Full Week of Every March. There are people who are researching hard to find more about their genealogy. Of course, not all of us know from whom, where, and which family we have come from. Few knew their grandparents and great-grandparents, but beyond this, it is quite doubtful. So it is very much essential to know about your ancestors who lived some several decades ago and their life history in detail. National Genealogy Day is the best time for anyone to trace the history of your family, ancestors, and your heritage. Dig out that unknown information to find more interesting details and facts about your family history.

“We live in a society that celebrates familial connection above any other kind of relationship. We are shown photos of our great-grandparents and encouraged to marvel over facial similarities. We are told to take pride in our bloodlines, celebrate our ancestry.” – Lynn Coady

History of National Genealogy Day

The National Genealogy Day has been in celebration since the year 1997. Jerry Hill was the creator of this Day. It is a part of Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW). Genealogy Day is also one among the seven components of CYNW and others include Name Tag Day, Namesake Day, Name Fun Facts Day, Learn What Your Name Means Day, Unique Names Day, and Middle Name Pride Day. Genealogy is the study of families and thereby tracing their lineages and history. In general, Genealogy means family history and thus Genealogy Day inspires you to learn who your ancestors were, where they have lived, and what they did for a living. By celebrating this Day, you are looking back into your heritage and thereby recognizing your family history. The observance of this Day provides a chance for anyone to discover the untold roots of their past which will surely be fun and informative. More than all studying about your genealogy is something good to feel and you can stay in touch with your ancestors and family.

National Genealogy Day

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How to Celebrate National Genealogy Day

The best way to celebrate National Genealogy Day is to start finding details about your family history. Find and research your root of origin and share it with others in your family. You will surely be getting so much interesting, funny, or shocking information and details. As it is the best chance to know about your ancestors, you can, on the other hand, make a note of your genealogy to share them with future generations. There are lots of genealogy apps available and you could even use any of them to save the data in the form of a family tree. Encourage people around you to research their family history and know them. Share your family history or family tree photos on social media using the hashtag #GenealogyDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Genealogy Day 2023.