Free Trade Day is celebrated on May 8 of every year. Free Trade is one of the best policy that is followed in some of the international markets and the countries which does not restrict any import and export from other countries. The first free trade was first illustrated by European Economic Area and Mercosur, who established the open market.

Trade protection accumulates upon a single point the good which it effects, while the evil inflicted is infused throughout the mass. The one strikes the eye at a first glance, while the other becomes perceptible only to close investigation.” – Frédéric Bastiat

History of Free Trade Day

The creator or inventor of the day was still unknown. Nowadays, the economy said a complex social science. The central theme of the Free Trade is supply, demand, taxation, and more, which is discussed and disputed by its commentators with loyalty. In the modern economic debate, the day plays an important perspective all around the world. The advocates of the trade movement have been argued in the favour of the international trading environment, for operating without any trading barriers and trade.

Free Trade Day

Other Celebrations on May 8

May 8 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

IT celebrated for the avoidance of Taxes and trade barriers. It is mostly celebrated by the supporters of the trade. The supporters say that the absence of trade barriers is good for our economy, which offers you more benefits like a low price for consumers. With that, it will offer growth opportunities for the producers. Post pictures and share your thoughts on social media about the economy by using the hashtag #FreeTradeDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Free Trade Day 2024.