National Flip Flop Day is celebrated on the Third Friday of every June. This year it will be celebrated on June 17. This day is to acknowledge the foot thongs, simply known as flip-flops, that turns into an airing of Political complaints on Twitter. Between tweets, thanks to various shoe brands for their work toward plantar fasciitis, came criticisms of flip-flopping politicians. National Flip Flop Day is a day to wear the type of pseudo footwear some monsters prefer to wear with socks that celebrate. Though, the term flip-flop also refers to politicians and their aims to change their positions to earn more votes.

History of National Flip Flop Day

International Flip Flop Day is a holiday when people can put off their hot shoes and free their feet to give them a rest. The authors of indoor slippers justify particular attention because they are neither much nor little, the first person’s shoes. There were early dresses for feet long before the division into a home and not home, until the image of the first pajamas and dressing gowns, back in ancient times, when a person evolved from Homo erectus into a more progressive model, a Homo sapiens. Paleontologists have discovered petroglyphs on which the cavewoman is represented schematically but equipped with slippers.

Flip Flop Day

Other Celebrations on June 16

June 16 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

Celebrate National Flip Flop Day with Tropical Smoothie because they collect donations for Camp Sunshine, which will send children with life-threatening illnesses and their families to a week-long campsite in Maine. Past nine years, Tropical Smoothie has donated over $3.7 million to the campground and hit over $1 million in endowments last year. You can spread awareness on social media by using the hashtag #FlipFlopDay.

Thank you for reading the post. Celebrate every day with and Happy National Flip Flop Day 2023.