Festival of Sleep Day is an annual fun celebration observed on January 3rd of each year. None of us will hate to sleep, and it is obviously true once the festivals are over. With continuous holiday celebrations from Christmas to New Year, your sleep mode would have reduced gradually. So it’s time to close your eyes and relax. Get into a cozy bed and snuggle under the bed covers for a sound sleep. You can opt for a nap or rest on the bed for the whole day as it is the Festival of Sleep Day.

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker

History of Festival of Sleep Day

The history, origin, and the year from which the Festival of Sleep Day has been celebrated are not known. The founder of this Day has also not been noted in any form. However, the person who made this celebration Day would seemingly love to sleep. This Day has been created with the intention of making people rest comfortably in bed after the holiday festivals. Most of you would have sacrificed your sleep to make the Christmas celebration and New Year feast a grand success. In the cold winter season, you would already have become exhausted. It is essential for anyone to have a sound sleep at this time.

Festival of Sleep Day

Sleeping is an important and routine human activity. Without sleeping properly, one may not be able to focus on work or any form of other activity. In the modern living world, many people don’t even sleep for a minimum period. Lack of sleep and poor sleeping activity will lead to multiple negative effects on the human body and mind. This celebration Day encourages people to rest properly, as sleeping is physical exercise. Rest comfortably and relax your body and mind on this Day. Good sleep increases your productivity, maintains good health, maintains good memory power, and concentrates on the work you do. It saves you from several diseases, including heart attack, blood pressure, diabetes, and more.

Other Celebrations on January 3

January 3 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate Festival of Sleep Day

Celebrating the Festival of Sleep Day is very simple. Get ready to rest your body comfortably on the bed in the position you love. Forget all your work pressure and other thoughts. Take this Day as the best opportunity to sleep, sleep, and sleep. Encourage people around on this Day to have a deep sleep. You can invite your family and friends to sleepovers. Share your sleepover pictures and views about this Day on social media using the hashtag #FestivalOfSleepDay.

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