Persian is the official language of Persia and several other countries like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Dagestan. It has over 70 million speakers all around the world. The week name of the language is not similar to English and not even close to it. In Persia, the first day of the week starts with Saturday, and then it is followed by Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Also, it is simple to write and pronounce the week in Persian. The word and sound may feel similar to that of the Arabic language, and yes, Persian is a kind of Arab language. Hope you have some understanding about the Persian language like its history and stuff. In the upcoming article, we will see how to say the day of the week in Persian along with its pronunciation.

Days of the Week in Persian

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How to Say English Weeks in Persian

It is simple to speak and write Persian language and here is the weekly table translated into Persian.

Week Name in EnglishWeek Name in PersianPronunciation

Days Based on Months:

Important Days in JanuaryImportant Days in February
Important Days in MarchImportant Days in April
Important Days in MayImportant Days in June
Important Days in JulyImportant Days in August
Important Days in SeptemberImportant Days in October
Important Days in NovemberImportant Days in December

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