National Cheeseball Day is a food holiday celebrated on April 17 of every year. Cheeseball is a spherical mass of cheese or cream cheese, often including nuts or other additions, and served as a portion of finger food, usually with bread or crackers. These cheeseballs are most often seen around Christmas in the U.S. Traditional cheeseball appetizer includes different ingredients, like cheddar cheese, cream cheese, pepper, garlic, salt, and nuts. Gourmet versions of cheeseballs demand blue cheese, sherry, pineapple, olives, and even smoked salmon. There is also another form of cheeseball which is a puffed corn snack, the bright orange, marble-sized snack coated with a mixture of cheese or cheese-flavored powder, and this type is considered to be the first type of cheeseball invented. It is manufactured by extruding heated corn dough through a form of a particular shape.

“For me, there’s a fine line between being a cheeseball and being a good performer.” – Norah Jones

History of National Cheeseball Day

National Cheese Ball Day’s founder and history are not known. It is believed that this celebration must be derived from the snack industry, or the dairy industry. But according to a legend, a man named Elisha Brown Jr. pressed the first cheeseball at his farm in 1801. It weighed 1,235 pounds. He presented a cheeseball as a gift to President Thomas Jefferson at the White House.

National Cheeseball Day

Other Celebrations on April 17

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How to celebrate National Cheeseball Day

The best way to honor National Cheeseball Day is by having any version of these cheese balls. Cheeseballs are easy to make so one can try making them and share them with your friends and family. You can invite your friends to a snack party with puffed cheeseballs or serve your gourmet cheeseball as an excellent dinner appetizer. Binge eat your cheeseball on this day along with your favorite movie or books. Post pictures and share your thoughts on social media about National Cheese Ball Day by using the hashtag #CheeseballDay.

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