National Cheese Fondue Day is celebrated on April 11 of every year. National Cheese Fondue Day is to observe the delicious cheese fondue. Fondue is an appetizing dish made by melting cheese, which is served in a fondue pot; a candle is used to maintain the heat, and it is eaten by dipping the bread into the cheese using a stemmed fork. Cheese fondue is prepared with a mix of cheeses, wine, and seasoning. This dish was popularized in America in the 1960s. One can dip, dunk, twirl, or swirl, anyway is the right way to eat the deliciousness.

Fondue is not a good date food. You end up with cheese dripping down your face.” – James Corden

History of National Cheese Fondue Day

The origin of the National Cheese Fondue Day is not known. Cheese fondue originated in Switzerland, it’s believed as a peasant meal that used up leftovers. Cheese Fondue was first made using cheese and wine in 1875. The earliest known cheese fondue recipe was published in the name of Kass Mit Wein Zu Kochen in 1966 in Zurich. A fun tradition that was followed while eating cheese fondue is that when a man loses bread in the fondue, he must buy the drink for everyone else, and if a woman loses, then she must kiss her neighbors. According to tradition, each piece should be dipped only once, and the dipping fork should be used just to transport the food from the pot to the plate and not to eat.

National Cheese Fondue Day

Other Celebrations on April 11

April 11 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

It can be observed by just having your favorite dish at your local restaurant. One can also enjoy the day by making the dish at home and sharing it with friends and family. On this day, forget about the calories and relish the fat-full cheese fondue. Cheese fondue options have been expanded to incorporate a variety of cheeses and flavors to make endless, mouthwatering combinations. So try making any one of the variety on this day. Take pictures while enjoying Cheese Fondue Day by using the hashtag #CheeseFondueDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Cheese Fondue Day 2024.